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Himawari is a subgroup of the larger group Inane.
Currently we're working on the PSME (aka Boku-tama) continuation, called
"The Moonlight that Surrounds Me". And although they were released mostly under Inane, we have completed both one-shot volumes also by Saki Hiwatari called Vivid Memories and Vivid MemoriesII: Things Accidently Left Behind.

All new releases will be up for download at this site!

You can get our first releases here:


Cosmo na Bokura

PSME2- The Moonlight that Surrounds Me

Vivid Memories (complete)

Vivid MemoriesII (complete)


Latest News: March 26th '07

Sorry for the lack of updates. If any of you follow Inane at all, you know we pretty much we went on break for a while. But, we're back now :) Expect something soon, maybe...?

Also, I wanted to mention that this was never supposed to be anything but a temporary site, so it'll be moving in a few weeks or less, probably to a subdomain of the Inane site. Eventually maybe it's own domain name, forums etc. ^^'

Thanks for waiting so patiently, everyone!




A lovely artbook cover.

About the Author

Saki Hiwatari debuted her manga talent, at the young age of 19! Her first story was "Mahou tsukai wa shitteiru." Her most famous work is the shoujo classic Please Save my Earth which was 21 volumes and was also adapted into a 6 episode OVA.

We won't be translating it, since it's already been translated and is licensed (by Viz). Also Mirai no Utena is licensed by CMX and has a few volumes out, under the name of Tower of the Future.

To the right is a list of the manga she has created, starting from her first published work to her most recent. It's not perfect though, both Vivid Memories were done during PSME's publication.

If you're new to her works, of course read PSME! After that I would suggest Global Garden, Moonlight, Vivid Memories 2 and Cosmo na bokura. If you like her storytelling style (I do, personally) and don't mind her earlier, rougher art, give Vivid Memories a try.

Works and translation links:

Hoshi wa, subaru
Mugen kidou
Akuma-kun (7 vols)
Vivid Memories
Vivid MemoriesII
PSME (21 volumes, or 12 bunko)
Mirai no utena (11 vol)
Cosmo na bokura (4 vol)
Global Garden (8 vol)

The Moonlight that Surrounds Me (currently running in the monthly Bessatsu Hana to Yume)